Hey there!  I’m Jodi and I am a born and bred country girl with a “homestead” state of mind.  I am the lucky wife to a rugged mountain man and the mother of two crazy little toe headed girls; we live on a 10 acre farm in beautiful southwest Colorado with a growing gaggle of farm animals, 2 barn cats and 1 lazy hound dog.

We are doing our best to reclaim that homestead state of mind, by living as self-sufficiently as possible.  We homeschool, hunt, farm, forage, garden, preserve food and stock our root cellar for winter.  I am a foodie with a deep love affair with cast iron cookware, I horde mason jars and eat more raw honey than should be allowed.  I am also an essential oil and herbal remedy junkie with no hope of recovery and I don’t care who knows it!

My faith is in Jesus, my hope in Heaven and by God’s grace alone, I am living my dream life.  It isn’t always pretty, and takes a LOT of work, but it’s a blessing and a gift none the less.

-So stick around and grab yourself a shovel, there’s chores to do!

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