Homemade Wipes: Household, Personal Care & Baby Wipes (Disposable and Reusable options)

When my babies were babies… which they definitely aren’t any more, things were tight. Not necessarily that they HAD to be, my hubby had a good job, but I had left a good job to stay home with our kids and wanted to do my part to make sure we didn’t get stretched too thin. Plus we had a goal of being debt free, so we chose to buckle down.

I was a budget crunching, penny pinching coupon clipping mama.

I also wanted to use the best products for my babies with the least amount of artificial fragrance or bad chemical mojo possible. I made my own baby powder, baby oil and baby wipes (for a fraction of the cost, I might add.)

Homemade wipes are incredibly simple and versatile.  The same method works whether you’re making baby wipes or household cleaning wipes.

So here we’ve got instructions and recipes for both household cleaning wipes and baby wipes; disposable and reusable variations.

Solution Recipes:
Thieves Household Wipes:
2 cups water
2 capfuls Thieves Household Cleaner

*Add thieves essential oil, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil for an extra punch of cleaning power.

Baby Wipes/Personal Care Wipes:
2 cups water
2 Tbl Baby Wash or Body Wash (I prefer to use 1 Tbl Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap)
2 Tbl Baby Oil or Skin Care Oil (Like Almond, Grape Seed or Apricot Kernel oils)


Instructions for homemade wipes:

Disposable Wipes:

The most important thing you need is paper towels. Preferably good quality paper towels or they will tend to fall apart.

  1. Cut a paper towel roll in half vertically.  (Serrated blades do not work well here.)IMG_0316
  2. Place your new, short roll in a plastic container.  (It’s okay if its a tight fit.)
  3. Pull the cardboard insert out from the center.IMG_0318
  4. Pour your solution over the roll and pull up the center paper towel. (Sometimes the towel will pull up on its own when you remove the cardboard roll.)IMG_0333
  5.  Put your lid on top and cut an X in the center.IMG_0335
  6. Pull the new wipe up through the X and viola!

*If you don’t have a container that will fit for this method you can also cut the paper towel roll in half horizontally and use a plastic shoebox container or even just use a zip-top back if that’s all you have.  Lot’s of options here.

My amazing cousin, has found the perfect sized wipes container & I had to share the idea with you.  She eve get’s all pinteresty , spray painting and adding a chalk label.  I think they’re stinking adorable, but alas, my husband refuses to drink anything but his brand of coffee so I can’t use these.


Instructions for Reusable Wipes:

If all the paper towels are gone too, you can use the same concept with squares of cloth.

For household cleaning wipes, lint-free scraps of material work best.  Tea towels & cloth napkins are my favorite but you can even cut of an old pillow case or sheet and it will work just fine.  Just soak your cloths in the cleaning solution, wring out,  wipe your kitchen, bathroom, door knobs or whatever and throw into the laundry.


For personal care or baby wipes, any material will work if you are in an emergency. But squares of a soft fleece material is ideal. Soak your cloths in your solution, wring out, use the wipe and drop in a bucket lined with a trash bag (and lid) or in a zip-topped bag.

Here are some TMI details, if you are out of toilet paper and ready to embark on this journey.

*Important notes about washing resusable cloth:

Do not wash the cloths with other laundry.

You don’t want any of that left in the bottom of your washer. You’ll need to shake off (in the pot) any excess “soil” before putting in the washer (or better yet, use a peri-bottle or squeeze bottle with a narrow spout for a make-shift bidet effect before wiping which will dramatically reduce the mess.

2 Simple Steps for washing reusable cloth toilet paper. If you use cloth diapers, you already know the drill.

  1.  Run them through a COLD rinse cycle first.
  2. Wash in hot water WITHOUT fabric softener. (Fabric softener will effect the fabric’s absorbency)


I hope you will find these ideas useful in time of need! Happy Wiping!!

Homemade Wipes

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